Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Matthew 6

The Bible identifies many names of God.  Yahweh-Rapha, The Lord that heals, from Exodus 15:26, is one of the names.  God heals the body - from the ravages of disease, and heals the soul - by forgiving sin.
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Tonight, God's name is hallowed.  News has come through of a miraculous answer to prayer. 

Yahweh-Rapha listens.  Yahweh-Rapha heals.

A young child who has not reached the age of five was recently admitted through a Sydney hospital's emergency ward two months ago.  The admission came as a result of the child being unable to control their legs.  The child is a family member - a distant family member, connected via in-laws, but a family member nonetheless.  The diagnosis was in respect to an inoperable tumour that was strangled around a vital body centre.  Doctors were at a loss to offer any more than months to live.  To compete the story let's call the child Sam (a suitably vague name that leaves you guessing as to the child's gender).

Sam's treatment included an induced coma and radiotherapy.  There were many bleak moments. Coming out from the coma, Sam initially could not speak or swallow, nor walk.

Prayer was called for. Much prayer. Yahweh-Rapha healed.  Sam is running, jumping, talking and playing.  The tumour is not gone and further treatment is required, yet Sam is back to enjoying a fairly full life.

And the prayer and Christian support has been a huge witness.  Sometimes doing the gospel is necessary before the gospel can be preached.

Spare a moment to pray for Sam if you can. Yahweh knows who Sam is!


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