Saturday, February 20, 2016

James Ruse Reserve

James Ruse Reserve, Hassall St, Parramatta is in Western Sydney.  The Reserve contains a delightful collection of play equipment for children and picnic table seating for older folk who wish to keep an eye on their children.

Water play park
The peak attraction is a water play park that operates in the warmer months.  Children are invited to press a button that operates the various water sprays in a four minute cycle.  The best fun our contingent had was spraying each other with the directional water guns.
The water play equipment operates in the warmer months
Once thoroughly wet the children can dry off as they run on grass or play on various pieces of equipment.

Well landscaped play area

Parking spaces are adequate and access is convenient from major arterial roads.

We were delighted to chance upon a Parramatta based church youth group meeting at the location for a series of games.  They welcomed our children to join them.


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