Tuesday, February 16, 2016

No problem too big for God

I’m willing to suggest that in some Sydney Anglican church this Sunday – in the Sunday School, or in the main church building – some teacher will pronounce that there is no problem too big for God.  By corollary, there is no problem too big for God’s church.

Sadly, it seems there are problems too big for God’s church.  Perhaps as [BYC] who gave evidence to Day C149  of the Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses To Child Sexual Abuse of abuse waged upon him stated:

My experience with the Sydney Anglican Diocese has been that they preach
 biblical principles but they don't practice them.”

Why may it be deduced that there are some problems too big for God’s church? Well the former Archbishop of the Sydney Anglican Diocese is recorded on transcript as handing over a problem to the State: 

Q. Finally, [Arch]Bishop, what do you hope for from the
Royal Commission?
A. Your Honour, we need help. Institutions like mine,
which are relatively rich in resource compared to many
other institutions, we need the help of the Commission to
work out what we should do, how we should do it and how we
should respond to survivors. You've heard this morning
that as Archbishop, even though I thought I was doing the
right thing, the story is not so good, is it, and I think
we need the help of the community to hold us to account, to
tell us what to do and to resource us in the doing of it
and my hope is that this Royal Commission is going to make
a huge difference to survivors and it's going to mean the
protection of the children of our nation and that's what
I'm hoping for.

In essence, what the Archbishop offered to the Commission was:
  • The problem is too big for us, but not for the Commission,
  • We have resources, and,
  • Give us the guidance as to how to use those resources.
The church throwing itself upon the State!


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