Monday, June 20, 2016

Obscure word 'gay'

“It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” 

Words are becoming obscure at a rapid rate.  Today we re-birth the word 'gay' - giving it back to its original meaning:

Gay: carefree, light-hearted, jolly, merry

Usage:  'The guests all shared a gay disposition at the Spring garden wedding'.

When you're with the Flintstones
Have a yabba dabba doo time.
A dabba doo time.
We'll have a gay old time.
Flinstones theme song


Monday, June 13, 2016

Binary thinking

Faced with action to remove a cross a US city has responded in a novel and practical way.

The city could have employed binary thinking, either:

  1. Remove the cross, or
  2. Leave the cross.
Instead, they cleverly decided to sell the public land to a church such that the land became private land.  Smart thinking!

"But according to reports, the city has been
considering its options, and decided to sell
the plot of land surrounding the cross
to a local church, which would then
make the area owned by a private entity.
Both the cross and a 20 x 20 space surrounding
the monument were purchased
by First United Methodist Church of Port Neches."

A local churches signboard had the sweetest of messages:

"When he was on the cross, 
you were on his mind, 
save our cross"

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Only through Jesus man becomes an individual

“Through the call of Jesus men become individuals….
Every man is called separately and must follow alone.
But men are frightened of solitude, and they try to protect
themselves from it by merging themselves into the society
of their fellow-men and in their material environment.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

The above quote has been tossing around in my mind while reading through the whole of Bonhoeffer's marvellous book.  Overall, I feel that the Lutheran is filling a void in my Christian learning.

Comprehension of the quote stems from Luke 14:26, the words of Jesus:

"If anyone comes to me and does not hate
father and mother, wife and children, brothers
and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a
person cannot be my disciple."

and from Bonhoeffer's exposition of the Sermon on the Mount.

In respect the verse from Luke, Jesus makes a call on each individual regardless of that individual's familial ties, racial background, marital status, tradition or nationhood.  Jesus does this is he stands above any social, traditional or political construct - individual acceptance of Jesus being paramount over any earthly relationship. 

In respect Bonhoeffer's exposition of the Sermon on the Mount, a picture of a new order forms - of a nation without land or temple or earthly king.

So, man becomes individual as he recognises his priority in Christ and lives within the new order.  For at the call:
"men find that they have ... broken
with all natural ties of life.
This is not their own doing,
but his who calls them".

It is only through being an individual in Christ that Jesus can establish his disciples as "Salt of the Earth, "Light of the World", Matthew 5:13,16.

The quote turns in my mind for its simplicity in distinguishing man's standing as an individual.  To the glory of God, pauper and rich man have a single place of belonging and hope.

The quote also turns in my mind for a question it has raised.  The question arises from the later part of the quote - "men are frightened of solitude"  - more on that later.


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Happy Birthday to you

Facebook is making my wife redundant!
It has conveniently outsourced memory.

Happy Birthday to you,
 another year older,
 another year wiser,
 enjoy the cake,
 enjoy the presents,
put your feet up,
gather round family and friends,
 enjoy the glow of the moment.
Unfortunately, I can not be with you so I have sent you this photo of our adorable pet dog:
You are welcome to take him off my hands, he is making a real mess of the furniture.

P.S. Birthday cake calories do not count.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Of course I still love you

If you watch carefully at the end of this amazing thirty second video
from an on-board camera
of the first upright landing of a re-useable rocket at sea
you'll see the phrase "Of course I still love you"
and what at first appears to be an artistically styled Christian cross.
And you may think that a space engineer used the opportunity
to share his Christian faith.

But alas,
"Of course I still love you"
is the name of the spaceport drone ship
as borrowed from a work of science fiction.

And the cross - that's a company logo.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Upside down

An opinion piece in The Australian has the title "Christian churches drifting too far from the marketplace of ideas".

Hey! What! Isn't that title twisting the truth?  Isn't there more truth in a title like:

 "Marketplace of ideas filled with minority lobby 
interests such that the voice of the church has
 been drowned out" 

By this I suggest that the church's voice is there in the public arena, and it is there quite boldly and loudly, yet airtime offered minority lobby groups often leaves one picking through a potpourrri of weird and wonderful moral-stretching notions.  This is captured by a commentator to the article thus:

"there appears now to be a huge moral vacuum in Australian society. This moral vacuum is filled with wacky ideologies that get more traction than they deserve and distort our values.
I think our society is in many ways diminished by the loss of our Christianity."
How long before everyone wakes up to the world's sale of trashy ideas and turn to Christian churches for the voice of reason?