Saturday, June 4, 2016

Upside down

An opinion piece in The Australian has the title "Christian churches drifting too far from the marketplace of ideas".

Hey! What! Isn't that title twisting the truth?  Isn't there more truth in a title like:

 "Marketplace of ideas filled with minority lobby 
interests such that the voice of the church has
 been drowned out" 

By this I suggest that the church's voice is there in the public arena, and it is there quite boldly and loudly, yet airtime offered minority lobby groups often leaves one picking through a potpourrri of weird and wonderful moral-stretching notions.  This is captured by a commentator to the article thus:

"there appears now to be a huge moral vacuum in Australian society. This moral vacuum is filled with wacky ideologies that get more traction than they deserve and distort our values.
I think our society is in many ways diminished by the loss of our Christianity."
How long before everyone wakes up to the world's sale of trashy ideas and turn to Christian churches for the voice of reason? 


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