Monday, October 10, 2016

Attention spans of goldfish

An interesting motion before the Anglican Diocese of Sydney synod.  It potentially results in shorter services.  I'll be taking a stopwatch to future services!
free and unattributable

"Anglican Church of Australia Diocese of Sydney3rd Session of the 50th Synod Business Paper: Monday 10 October 2016, Restricting the length of sermons; Synod notes that – (a) research suggests that while listening to sermons most adults can focus for only 15-20 minutes before starting to lose attention, and (b) while we may remember about 70% of what was presented in the first ten minutes of a twenty-minute sermon, we are unlikely to retain more than about 20% of what was presented in the last ten minutes. Therefore to promote more effective teaching of God’s word, Synod urges ministers and other preachers to restrict the length of their sermons to twenty minutes or less. (Dr David Oakenfull)"

We are all sheeplishly too distracted!


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