Sunday, December 11, 2016

Brand damage?

There seems no better way  to damage the 'Sydney Anglican' brand.  

An article in the December 2016 Anglican Diocese of Sydney Southern Cross magazine identifies the historic effort of a Sydney Anglican who was in Boston in USA. The hero is identified as attending a Anglican Diocese of Sydney church yet attending a church and being a Christian are two distinct things.  Nowhere in the article is the same person identified as a Christian.  

One could read the article and deduce that Sydney Anglicans are simply good deed doers.

Earlier, the Southern Cross carried an article that spoke of Sydney Anglicans at Gallipoli. We've asked a lot of those diggers over the years - must they also be Sydney Anglicans? (the phrase Sydney Anglicans has origins in the 1950s well after Anzac).

Wouldn't it be better to identify the hero who acted quickly that day in Boston as:
               - a Christian,
                            - who is a Sydney Anglican?


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  1. More correct, but too wordy for most. Implications do that.