Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Living water poured out

It is rare to have such a distinct communication from God.

free and unattributable
Last Friday at lunchtime I was fresh of mind of a prayer meeting that I had invited acquaintances of Facebook to.  It was a spontaneously organised meeting with short notice.  In respect of both the audience’s physical locale – some acquaintances lived over three hundred kilometres away - and the short invitation notice, I reckoned that to have two or three people arrive would be an excellent outcome.  The prayer meeting was itself for an event that was physically distant.  The event was the commencement of a youth Bible study in a regional town.  The Bible study was to commence the day after the spontaneous prayer meeting.

Last Friday I took lunchbreak in a nearby park.  To clear the head from a busy morning of work I fell into the pages of an interesting novel that had temporarily held me captive.  At a time after being fully absorbed in page-turning it occurred to me to scan the general area for reason of personal safety.  After a general scan my attention turned to a point immediate in front of me.  And then it happened.

A rush of energy, in an indistinct humanoid object, came directly toward me.  The object was set above the ground and was transparent – the grass behind it visible but blurred.  The form itself was indistinguishable as to shape at first.  It only took any dimension when immediately before me.  The object shared a single message then immediately departed across my left shoulder.  The whole encounter was perhaps of less than three seconds duration.

Pray now for the youth Bible study” was the single message that the object offered.  And, in response a humble prayer from one of the least of God’s servants went heavenward. 

An angel? The Holy Spirit?  Who knows?  God requires obedience (1 Samuel 15:22) and the prayer added to the incense of the altar (Revelation 8:3).  Take care to hear God in a whisper rather than in a roar (1 Kings 19:12)


Note 1: all links good at 7 February 2017
Note 2: the youth Bible study commenced with seventeen persons in attendance.  Seventeen is a good start to any ministry!
Note 3: this blog post is viewed from a Quora item here.

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