Saturday, April 15, 2017

Blueback by Tim Winton, some questions

My child was set Blueback as a novel to read over the April school holiday.  The teacher's questions will follow in the school term that commences in May.  In the meantime I set these questions for my daughter. 

The answers were strong.  The answers showed that my daughter had a good comprehension of the novel.  I hope that others may find these questions helpful.

Q14 proved quite challenging for my child at first.  The answer is a derived one and a good knowledge of the book is needed.


Q1: What kind of fish is Blueback?

Q2: Write down a list of everything you have learnt about abalone.

Q3: What do you learn about Abel's father? (page 30)

Q4: How does Abel's mother remember her husband? (page 49)

Q5: What does Abel have to learn before he can use the boat that is given to him? (page 59)

Q6: In what ways are Abel and Stella different? (page 110).  In what ways are Abel and Stella the same?

Q7: Draw a diagram that depicts baby Dora's family tree.  The diagram should start with baby Dora's grandparents.

Q8: The author describes Longboat Bay in many different ways.  The author also names various points within the bay.  Draw the Bay and name as many points as you can.

Q9: Abel and his mother lived in a self-sustaining manner.  Identify all the ways they sustained themselves (do not think only of what they gained from the sea).

Q10: Longboat Bay is attractive to a number of different people.  What do each group of people want of the Bay?  Why does Abel's mother resist the people?

Q11: Imagine that you are sitting at Abel's kitchen table with Abel's mother.  It is breakfast time.  You decide to go out diving.  What steps must you take so that you can safely go out diving?

Q12: Identify three minor characters in tehbook.  What are their names?  What interactions do they have with Abel and his mother?

Q13: Identify all of the major life changes that occur in Abel's life throughout the book.

Q14: Is Abel Jewish? (hint: read the Bible: Acts chapter 10 verse 9 to 16).

Q15: Is Abel like the Abel of the first book in the Bible, Genesis chapter 4, in any way?

Q16: Draw a diagram that estimaes the part of each charatcer's life that is depicted in the book.  Draw a line with a starting point "Birth" and an ending point "Death".  The draw a bar that estimates the point where we first read of the charater and the point of life they are at by book's end.  Do this for Abel, Abel's mother, Abel's wife Stella and Abel's daughter Dora.

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