Friday, April 7, 2017

When does salvation come?

Salvation comes when one acknowledges Christ as Lord?  Yes?

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Well, maybe not.  The story of the man born blind (John 9) generates two interesting questions: 

1.    When in that story does the man acknowledge Christ as Lord? 

2.    Has the man exhibited salvation before he acknowledges Christ as Lord?

I plan to explore these questions in a later post, yet in brief the answers to these questions are:

1.    Towards the end of the account after the man had been thrown out of the synagogue by the Pharisees.

2.    Yes, he has proclaimed Christ.  He has stood firm against the religious leaders and identified with the glory that was upon him.

It is plausible that the man’s salvation came at the time of his obedience – the time when the man responded completely to the message of going to wash.  Obedience is a wonderful thing.  It was first and last in Peter’s calling (at the start of the Gospel; ‘follow me’ and at the end of the Gospel; ‘feed my sheep’).


Note 1: this post arose from a talk with a Moore College fourth year student.

Note 2: it seems ironic that the Gospel’s first account of audaciousness for Christ in the form of bold evangelic preaching, of a man born blind then miraculously healed, is absent the name of the subject. 

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