Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A note to my children ten year's hence

A note to my children

Today's word, my children, is cis-gendered.  It is best you understand it so that you can safely make your way in the world.

It is a rather young word.  It was first coined within your father's lifetime in the year 1991.  It is not often heard in 2017. The word will gain momentum.

It means: "a term for people whose gender, body and identity match with the gender that they were born to".  People are said to be cis-male or cis-female.

That meaning is a mouthful.  Basically, it can be broken down to either:

- a person born a boy is now still a boy, or,

- a person born a girl is now still a girl.

Or, simply, that they are normal.

Saying that people are normal is grand.  It was once fashionable.  The New Moralists have unfortunately made it unfashionable.  You'll come to learn that by calling some people normal, you are automatically and damningly implying that other people are not normal.

[Caption: the video where I first heard the term cis-gendered. By Neel Kolhatkar]

So 'normal' will face a death - as the original meaning of 'gay' has; and 'cis-gender' will flourish. You may even find that comes a day when being cis-gendered is seen as a bad thing.  Indeed, it is all part of Satan's plan to over-turn the order of God's wonderful creation.


- "Fred is so simple, he has only ever known what it is to be a boy."


- "Jane has never experienced testosterone-supplementation"


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Note:  "testosterone-supplementation" (is an allusion to a programmed testosterone steroid experience in Brave New World; for instance, 'violent passion surrogates').

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