Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Excising bits of the Bible

An American Southern Baptist friend offered an online news article that was most puzzling:  A pro-LGBT group was planning to ‘politely disrupt’ the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting June 13-14 in Phoenix seeking homosexuality and transgenderism to be “removed from the sin list”.

This heralds an innovative approach.  Ordinarily, a pro-LGBT group would lobby to have preachers avoid speaking about homosexuality.  In this instance, the lobby interest instead goes directly to the heart of the matter in seeking the Bible to be changed.
It is interesting to think of the nature of the game: what would you have removed from the Bible?
  • Death row prisoners may suggest that murder is removed,
  • Convicts transported to Australia from Britain 200 years ago for nicking a loaf of bread may suggest that theft be removed,
  • The Media may suggest that libel and slander be removed, and,
  • The Travelling Business Man’s Association may suggest that adultery is removed.
Perhaps, if every person had a chance to contribute to the deletions then only the shortest verse in the Bible would remain:
“Jesus wept” 
John 11:35 NIV
The innovative approach is not without its problems as transgenderism is not specifically identified in the Bible.  It would take a massive effort to re-write the catch-all language pertaining to “sexual immorality”.
Let’s hope the Southern Baptist Convention keeps its head in prompting the pro-LGBT group to comprehend that sin requires a response.  That response is not to seek to reduce the items on the sin list but instead to seek God through repentance.

POSTSCRIPT (another possible excision!): The Primate of the Anglican Church in Australia, speaking on The Drum on Friday 21 July 2017 at odds with Eph 5:23: "I don't find there is an essential reading of the Bible that teaches me that I must believe in the headship of men. I read the Bible and see that it talks more about the mutuality of people and their love towards each other."


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