Saturday, July 29, 2017

Adventure's with Herbie's Spices - Pumpkin and carrot roast with thyme and yellow mustard seed

"Legend has it that thyme was included in the hay used to
 make a bed for the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child",
The Spice & Herb Bible, 3rd edition, p634, Ian Hemphill

Tonight's roast included a herb mixture that really made the food tasty.  We roasted pumpkin and carrots in a herb mix.  The ingredients and recipe are here:


3 tablespoons Herbie's Spices Yellow Mustard Ground Seed from 35g net pack
4 tablespoons dried lemon thyme (Thymus citriodorus) from own drying effort (Herbie's Spices also sell lemon thyme).
700g pumpkin, peeled and seeded, chopped into finger size lengths.
4 large carrots, peeled, chopped into finger size lengths


1. Mix yellow mustard ground seed in a bowl with just enough water to form a paste.  Rest for 2 minutes.
2. Mix lemon thyme thoroughly through the wet mustard seed mix.
3. Place pumpkin and carrot in a oven dish in layers.  Spread mustard seed and thyme mix on each layer.
4. Cook with roast meat dish for approximately 45 mins (with most roast meat dishes you'll find that you put the vegetables in the oven sometime after the meat).

Serves 5.  Suits: Vegan, Vegetarian, Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Paleo Diet. 

The growing Lemon Thyme in a thick clump

The lemon thyme was found in a garden bed that is tended by students of a local school.  My daughter is at that school.  My daughter and I were on the grounds of the school to play on the school's tennis court.  The garden also includes snow peas, nasturtiums, rosemary, brussell sprouts and a number of variety of flowers.  I've tended the garden at past working bees and provided the school with a worm farm.  During the recent school holiday we watered the garden and removed some wind-blown rubbish and some weeds.
Drying the lemon thyme - each clump pegged and held apart to allow wind and sunshine to complete the drying process.  I will not win any photograph contests for green foreground on green background (idiot!),

We picked a small handful of lemon thyme two weeks ago during the school holiday.  We immediately set it to dry in full sun.  To dry it we clumped it tightly at the roots and hung it on sunny days from the clothes line.  On wet days we hung it in a breezeway under the house.  Once you start drying herbs you are best to ensure that they do not get damp.  Two weeks is ample time to dry thyme - it is a hardy plant and tends to be quite dry when picked.  Two weeks drying time in shade is probably enough.

Separating the thyme leaves from the woody branches is a pleasurable task.  It involves a wooden kitchen roller and a little bit of patience in picking out the branches.  The thyme leaves can then be stored for use over twelve months.  A handful of picked thyme is practically enough for a household's use for a whole year.
Mixing the yellow mustard ground seed with water.  The dried thyme leaves were then added to the mustard mix.

Thyme is best in soup stock, or in soups.  It can be used in casseroles and potato salad.  It also adds flavor to roast vegetables.

I've added a video here that shows how to process the dried clumped bundles of thyme:

Credits to:

- The Essential Ingredient, Rozelle for the Spices & Herb Bible, 3rd edition, 2014
- Vegetables - pumpkin and carrots - purchased from Lime Leaf Fruit Market
- Herbie's Spices Yellow Mustard Ground Seed 35g Net by online order, or through stockists on Herbie's Spices website.
- Video; Filming, editing and loading to Youtube: anon (he knows who he is).


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