Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Consumer triviality

Oh! Those annoying customer satisfaction surveys. 

A common question seeks to understand whether the user would recommend the item to others:

Image source: from an American Express survey

I've always found that an odd question.  To me it displays clear naivety on the part of the organisation asking the question.  In fact, to my mind, I reckon it is a contra-intuitive question. 

Think of it this way.  We all crave good interaction with other people.  When we meet with others we want to discuss things of importance to us - our relationships, our health, the latest gossip and news.  How often does conversation break into a monologue of how great our credit card is?  Seriously?  Thus, I would not want customers who were so simple in their interactions with others such that their recommendations were front of mind.

The better question to ask is:

"Given the opportunity, would you tell a friend that you were
 satisfied with your [insert product or service name]". 

This question acknowledges that you are not so banal to be a talking sandwich board yet it still captures your level of interest.


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