Saturday, July 29, 2017

Filling the brief – part 2

In the debrief after sermon delivery (see this link) I received feedback as to the matter of opening the sermon with a question.  The question was needed as a way of having the audience understand that which was due to be explained to them in the sermon.  The question set up the expectation of the application that would arise from the sermon.
In considering a question to pose I considered the application points.  Feedback from the audience and from the debrief solidified the first of the application points: “Unlikely agents”.  Audience members in the interactive café that followed the sermon gave examples from their own lives where God was using them as unlikely agents to share Scripture.  It seems clear then that the sermon delivers an appropriate message; transposing an understanding from the humble act of the lepers to humble acts that everyone can perform.  So, a question at the start of the sermon could be put around the notion of how people can act for God no matter their circumstances. 
That question would look like this:
“Have you ever been in such a state that you cannot resolve yourself towards any action?,
Have you ever been so lost as to what to do that you neglect to ask of God?
Now, the lepers did resolve towards action yet they did so at a point where everything else was lost.  A previous post indicates that they commenced their activity selfishly rather than altruistically.  The question is not at odds with the action of the lepers as the story opens the audience to how unlikely agents performing a unlikely task may still find success.
To which, it is necessary that I set out to change a slide of the sermon.  A revised slide is depicted at this linked post.

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