Friday, July 7, 2017

Handful of men

I am in preparation for a sermon on 2 Kings 7.  A date is set.   Final preparations are being made.  It is a blessing to dwell in a particular part of Scripture.

In 2 Kings 7, God uses four lepers from the town of Samaria to complete his work.  Now, it may seem odd that God uses four broken, unhealthy men.  The leper’s exclusion from the city places them outside the city gate.  The lepers are probably best regarded as the least of the people of Samaria.  Why didn’t God send soldiers or guards?  Why didn’t God choose healthy and fit men? 

Well, there is ample evidence in the Bible that God can achieve much with any count and standing of men.  God does not need an army of men – only a handful of faithful men.  Consider for instance:

God works through faith. He marches with people of faith. Attributes that a military commander would seek of his fighting men -  strength, agility and skill are of no consideration to God.  Take heart that no matter your standing God can powerfully use you in his good work.


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