Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yoga worse than homosexuality?

I’m most curious.  Is yoga viewed by the church as worse than homosexuality?

To give context to this question, I've briefly weaved together the yoga story, the play and the venue:

The yoga story
The Anglican Diocese of Sydney Synod in 2015 received a report from the Social Issues Committee in respect yoga.  The Synod is effectively the annual gathering of all Sydney Anglican church representatives - an Annual General Meeting if you like.  Amongst other recommendations, the report concluded that churches should not rent out their properties to yoga classes (see this summary).

At the core: “spiritual aspects of the practices [of yoga] aren't compatible with church teachings” (see: this link).

The play
Lane Cove Theatre Company are performing a play “Holding the Man” with public performances commencing 11 August 2017.  The play is described within Lane Cove Theatre Company’s advertising as portraying a fifteen-year relationship of two men; Tim and John, that commenced with a crush in an all boy’s school.  The relationship survives “the temptations, the separations, the discriminations, the jealousies and the losses”. 
Image credit: Lane Cove Theatre Company
The Theatre Company’s President identifies the Theatre Company’s support for the play with these words:  
In a week when the marriage equality debate continues across the country, the voice of the LGBTQI community continues to grow. Members from all parts of our community join with us to speak. Our voice speaks of acceptance, inclusion and equality. They are values all of us at Lane Cove Theatre Company stand by and will continue to fight for.” (see this link)
Accordingly, the play is addressing the homosexual lifestyle.

The venue

The venue is identified in Lane Cove Theatre Company’s advertising material as: “The Performance Space at St Aidan’s”.  The mentioned ‘St Aidan’s’ is to St Aidan’s Anglican Church Longueville.  The church building and the hall are adjacent on the same stretch of land.
The church's website identifies that the hall is for hire.

Note: all links up to date 9 August 2017
Note: for a superb resource that explains the church's teaching on homosexuality please consider this link.
Note: I learnt in 27 August 2017 that car tyres were vandilised at the Saturday 26 August 2017 performance.  Such behaviour is deplorable.

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