Monday, June 13, 2016

Binary thinking

Faced with action to remove a cross a US city has responded in a novel and practical way.

The city could have employed binary thinking, either:

  1. Remove the cross, or
  2. Leave the cross.
Instead, they cleverly decided to sell the public land to a church such that the land became private land.  Smart thinking!

"But according to reports, the city has been
considering its options, and decided to sell
the plot of land surrounding the cross
to a local church, which would then
make the area owned by a private entity.
Both the cross and a 20 x 20 space surrounding
the monument were purchased
by First United Methodist Church of Port Neches."

A local churches signboard had the sweetest of messages:

"When he was on the cross, 
you were on his mind, 
save our cross"

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