Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Backhousia citriodora (Lemon Ironwood)

An Australian native tree, an evergreen rainforest plant, commonly referred to as Lemon Mytrle continues to amaze me.  Most recently I came across a grove of the immature trees that circled a fire circle within a NSW Public School.  Enquiries of one of the members of staff revealed the trees to be approximately three years old.  Some of the trees continued to hold their descriptive tag:

DESCRIPTION: This versatile plant is grown for its outstanding creamy-white flower display in summer.  The dark green leaves are often red when young and emit brilliant, citrus aroma.  A slow growing, attractive tree or bushy shrub.
One of sixteen Lemon Ironwood that are planted in an arc around a fire circle

The tag explained that the tree can grow in height to 10 metres with a mature width of 5 metres.  At an age of three years the tress had not yet reached a height of 1.6 metres.  They were planted in full sun, in sandy, well-drained soil.  Adjacent Davidson Plum trees were clearly burnt by the sun exposure.

I was fortunate to have someone harvest leaves for me.  These leaves were immediately set to dry for later processing into a crushed form.
Dried Lemon Myrtle leaves

If you intent to view the trees please be mindful that it is inclosed land and that you therefore need permission to access.


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