Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lemon thyme (Thymus citriodorus)

Hot from the discovery of lemon myrtle, I was pleased to find a significant quantity of another lemony treat - Lemon Thyme.
Thyme drying on overcast day of low humidity.

Lemon Thyme grows with tough wiry, thin, branches.  It is ideal for drying in that it will dry well in shade in low humidity.  It is argued that it is more palatable in its dry state than when fresh:

"When we were in Provence in the south of France, I asked one of the farmers we met why we had not seen any fresh thyme for sale in the local markets.  Her reply was, "But of course we only use dried thyme, because the fresh is no good in cooking" in The Spice & Herb Bible, 3rd edition, p635, Ian Hemphill

Legend has it that "thyme was included in the hay used to make a bed for the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child", The Spice & Herb Bible, 3rd edition, p634, Ian Hemphill

Preparing dried thyme needs some skill.  This video is useful:


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