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Sermon outline - 2 Kings 7 - He is no fool

Text: 2 Kings 7 with a focus on the leper's decision in 2 Kings 7:3-4.

Purpose: to display a story from the Old Testament in illustrating God's gift of his son Jesus Christ.

Focus: to identify that there is no foolishness in losing your all, for sake of Jesus Christ.
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1. Welcome and introduction

2. Introduce the Christian martyr Jim Elliot using the above slide, speak to the quote and how it relates to Jim's missionary experience in Ecuador

3. Before turning to Bible: prayer. That God's Word will be faithfully and truthfully conveyed, and that it will be sweet to the listener's hearts.

4. Articulate the leper's logic (2 Kings 7:3-4):

- the lepers were separated from the city
- the lepers, and the inhabitants of the city faced death through starvation due to the siege (for siege; explain the Sun Tzu quote as linked here)
- the lepers came to a realisation "So let's go .."
- faith requires action
- the lepers recognised that they had nothing to lose.

5. From 2 Kings 7:5-11:

- identify the leper's discovery
- identify God's providence (amplification of leper's footsteps)
- recognise that the lepers appreciated that they need return to ensure providence is shared with  the inhabitants of the city

6. Tie in God's providence/leper's bold success/return of health to city

7. Identify how in faith one acts for the Lord Jesus: 

- with nothing to lose (do not fear man)
- with much to gain (eternally) 
- foolishness before man does not equate to foolishness before Christ
- we may also be bold for Christ and be richly rewarded.

8. Exhort boldness and confidence in Christian walk, conclude in prayer


The sermon is prepared in 15 slides beginning here.
This is a sermon outline for a sermon opportunity offered me timed for October 2017.  It is a privilege and a blessing to preach.  I am not a natural preacher and have had no formal training yet God has provided a talented and passionate ordained coach for me.  I would appreciate any feedback on this outline.  The outline precedes a first draft of the sermon.

This sermon is thematic in that last time I preached (January 2017, Mephibosheth from 2 Samuel), OT text was used.  In that instance, and this, the OT narrative is fascinating in its own right and the Christological application is very clear.

Initial feedback from readers of this blog will allow me to present a credible first outline to my coach.

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