Sunday, July 23, 2017

2 Kings 7 debrief

An extensive debrief followed the sermon on 2 Kings 7 last week.  The fifteen slides of the sermon commence from this link.  The Pastor who had prepared me offered excellent feedback over a coffee.  The feedback was in the sandwiched good-bad-good style.  All three feedback points are excellent.  They all need consideration.  I have added a fourth point to the Pastors three points to settle one of my own points of discomfort.

I'm very willing to be sharpened in considering feedback, after all:

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

The four points are:

  1. I failed to have a question at the beginning to spark the audiences interest in the topic.  Something was needed to order of: "“Have you ever been in a state of despair where you could not perceive any answers?”, or, “Have you ever wondered whether God would respond to your needs?”. 
  2. The application point "Faith = action" needs some work.  It is plausible that the lepers were simply acting in fear.  Alternatively, the lepers may have been acting out of desperation.  They need not have had faith and God did not need to observe faith for God to take action.
  3. Consider developing the context a little bit further.  2 Kings 6 ends with various indications of the state of the king's leadership and his relationship with the prophet.  How does this context affect the consideration of the events in 2 Kings 7.
  4. Consider that Samaria does eventually fall and the people are exiled.  Why is God providing for the people in 2 Kings 7?  How is that Samaria do not fall into exile earlier? Consider the people's obedience to God and there worship of other gods.
Much thinking is needed!  The feedback is very welcome.


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