Monday, August 14, 2017

Dribble and noise

The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey - a poor backwater cousin to a referendum or plebiscite - has generated a flood of dribble and noise on social media.  You do not need to look far to see lots of froth and bubble.  I've listed some examples.  I hasten to add that none of these are my own.  Nor have they arisen in response to any of my comments - I've simply concluded a crude survey across available sources:

> 'How can you hate homosexuals but eat shellfish or wear clothes of two fabrics?' (an old chestnut of an argument that seemingly treats the Old Testament as a standalone book separate from the whole of the Bible).

> 'It is time for separation of church and state' (which was originally all in capital letters, and which betrays the person's understanding of the long separation of church and state)

> 'God is a god of tolerance, he loves everyone, he wants gays to marry' (which takes a secular view of tolerance).

> 'I pray that you will stop campaigning hate and listen to your own preachings: love everyone. Except some of you take it too far and rape children and cover it up. So don't do that please.' (which is comical in that the contributor clearly recognises that there needs to be moral boundaries yet denies the church any role is establishing those boundaries).

> A person who responded to a Christian by suggesting that they were both 'cognitively impaired and spiritually blind' (which perhaps tends a case of blind leading the blind, and which perhaps is a foretaste of how Christians may one day be thought to be mentally impaired).

and, I could go on...

It is all like white noise.  It is the television screen when programming ceases.  It is babble.

I expect that the forth and bubble and will continue unabated right through the postal vote.  It will all take form of the statements above and a whole lot of other statements.  In the whole, it will not be based on consideration of external objective truth but instead be based on selfish opinion.

It is a shame to the nation that this froth and bubble faces anyone who wishes to offer a Christian opinion.  We are in Babylon where shouting down an opinion is the norm.

I encourage both pro-SSM and anti-SSM commentators to have a thick skin and to think three times before posting any material.  For Christians, we need to be aware that we are being assessed even as we engage in debates and that our love for Christ should:

i) determine when to contribute, and,

ii) determine when to lose and walk away, and,

iii) determine whether your contribution is simply enlarging an over-egged debate.


Note: all links good as at 14 August 2017

Note: a credible sermon on homosexuality is linked here.  The sermon is long, at nearly an hour, yet anyone who takes the time to listen to it will most likely grant that the duration is right for the subject material.

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